What should a seller do before a home inspection?

To ensure a smooth and problem

free home inspection, be prepared

for the home inspector. Here are

a few suggestions that may prove


  • Make sure the home is clean, or at least not cluttered. It is much easier to inspect the key elements of the home without having to worry about stepping on things, or moving "stuff". There should also be ample room around the furnace, hot water heater, sink cabinets, electrical box, etc.

  • If possible leave the utilities on, without them the inspection may not be able to be completed and may have to be rescheduled.

  • Have the appliances ready for testing, remove laundry and dirty dishes. Also replace any blown-out light bulbs, this saves time and energy trying to figure out if the fixtures are faulty.

  • Be on time for the inspection, depending on the inspector's schedule he may show up a little early to get set-up, or get started on the inspection of the exterior of the home.

  • Do your best to provide access to the attic, the garage and any other outbuildings.

  • Clear brush, branches and debris from the exterior of the home, or shovel a path around the foundation if there is snow on the ground. The exterior of the foundation will need a thorough inspection and there are several inspection points that can be blocked by debris, garbage cans, fire wood, and other obstructions.

  • Be prepared for the inspection to take up to three hours. If the buyer or potential buyer accompanies the inspector, try to give them some space and opportunity to talk things over privately.

  • Make sure any pets are secured and or removed from the property during the home


I hope these tips are helpful. Make it so your home inspector can do a thorough and effective inspection!

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